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Senior Open

1st Place – Paul Way (42)
2nd Place – Ian Williams (42)
3rd Place- Nigel Roberts (42)
4th Place- Peter Aitken (42)
5th Place – Yim Kong (42)
6th Place – Dave Parry (41)

NP 7th – Noel Evans
NP 17th – Joe Karting
LD 13th – Steve Beveridge

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Ladies' Open

1st Place – A Cole, S Sullivan & M Thomas

2nd Place – J Bowen, S Ashton & J Henderson

3rd Place-  A Connor, E Jones & F Lloyd-Jones

Best Visiting Team; L. James, A Swistak & J Rees

NP 7th – Louise James
LD 13th – Judy Turner

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1st Place – W. Williams & S Merrick (49)

2nd Place – V. Johns & R. Maule (48)

3rd Place-  J.Merchant & G. Dawkins (46)

4th Place-  P. Way & S. Ellum (46)

NP 7th – Dave Haynes
NP 17th – Lee Jeniec
LD 13th – Matthew Phillips

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Men's Open

1st Place – Kevin Hiscock (42)
2nd Place – Daniel Evans (41)
3rd Place-  Steve Digweed (41)
4th Place-  Pat Smith (41)
5th Place –  Brian Walker (40)
6th Place – Frazer Robertson (40)

NP 7th – John Thompson
NP 17th – Ross Tyler
LD 13th – Jonny Doidge 

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Mixed Open

1st Place – W. Digings & M. Smith

2nd Place – M. Hiorns & C. Hiorns

3rd Place – D. Cole & A. Cole

4th Place – W. Davies & J. Davies

NP 7th – Hazel John 
NP 17th – Phil Carling (Hole in One)

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