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Trackman is now used by the majority of the world’s top golf coaches as it gives a definitive reading on all aspects of the golfers swing and ball readings.

It allows the coach to immediately determine what factors are affecting the golfer’s ball flight and allows the coach to compile the following info:


  • Club speed
  • Launch angle
  • Spin rate
  • Club path
  • Vertical swing plane
  • Horizontal swing path
  • Ball direction
  • Distance carried
  • Optimal carry
  • Smash factor

Machynys' Head Professional Mark Govier is now one of the only coaches in the country who can offer his pupils the opportunity to learn far more about their swing through the Trackman radar.

Sessions can include:


  • Yardage Test - to learn your exact distance
  • Technical Data (listed above) - full data sheets will be given to the pupil
  • 30 Point – this will track all clubs through bag and give you a result in percent to compare at a later date to check progress
  • Fitting for Equipment – test current equipment
  • Short game tests and swing movements and changes