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At Machynys Golf Academy we have the Trackman Launch Monitor.

TrackMan II is widely used on professional tours, by leading club fitters, manufacturers, retailers, universities, academies, instructors, players and broadcast TV for swing and ball flight analysis. TrackMan II has established the industry standard for accuracy, flexibility and data reliability.

Trackman is the most accurate machine in the world, allowing us to offer you a perfect custom fit for every club in the bag!

It uses patented Doppler radar technology and high-speed cameras to measure everything from club face angle at impact, through to distance carried and ball spin. If you want to see a video of Trackman in use, please click here.

At Machynys Golf Academy, we are able to offer you a Trackman fitting session for any club. We are the only facility in Wales that offers all the main brands with use of the Trackman technology.


The fitting costs is £30.00, which is for a one hour fitting, using Trackman, with one of our custom fit experts. Plus, if you purchase any club, we will give you a £20.00 refund!

If you want to get a perfect fitting for your next golf club, call the Academy now to be fitted by one of our professional staff. Click here for our contact details.

To see everything the Trackman Launch Monitor offers, please click here to see the Trackman specifications.