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In the modern era we are now becoming more aware of the importance of custom fitting at golf.

Before, custom fitting was something that only the tour professionals had available to them. However, this great service is now available to anyone at any level.

Did you know that a 1 degree miss fitting in the lie angle of your irons could cause a 3 iron to miss the target but up to 20 yards!

If you are using the wrong specification for your clubs (maybe the wrong shaft, wrong head, incorrect length or lay angle) then you will make technical changes to your swing to compensate for the golf clubs. It’s crucial that you get the clubs to suit your swing rather than change your swing to suit the clubs.

At Machynys we are a Gold Fitting Centre. This accolade is given to those who offer the highest possible level of custom fitting in the UK and means we can offer you a fully custom fitted golf club from putters to irons and drivers all at Internet prices.

Remember you are getting fitted by qualified PGA Professionals, and we offer this service on our full range of brands.

For more advice ask any member of staff and we will help you get the best clubs to reach your potential without the hard sell of a discount store. Remember, there is no better person to custom fit you than your Golf Professional.

Why not try one of our Trackman sessions in addition to a custom fit and see how a better club fitting will help your game.